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What We Do

Sherbourne community group originally grew from the project ran with Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC known as 'Sherborne Urban Community Project' in which we then and still ran a successful gardening club for all members of the community around us. It began as an idea to show people how they can create their own urban gardens, grow their own food and be proud of their gardens no matter where they live or how much space they have. 
From there great friendships were formed and a number of ideas for how else we could improve the local community and what community members themselves wanted for their home environment. Thus 'Sherborne Community Group' was born. Since then we've had a number of open days and seasonal fairs to try and raise money for the Community group itself whislt also working alongside with Greenspaces to promote our Gardening Club and such and winning a number of awards from the RHS including 'Outstanding' for three years in a row!
So what do we want to do from here? We've got grand plans, it's simply about having the funds in place and the volunteers around to help us with what we want. From a homework club, a movie club to just a place for people of any age to come and have a brew. We're open to everyone and anyone, so please come by if you want to help or just want a chat then come on by!